The GMAA is based in Wrexham. We specialise in blade and empty hands self defence. The arts we specialise in are combat proven and highly respected. We have direct linage to GM Angel Cabales, GM Leo Giron, GM Max Sarmiento, Sifu Dave Carnell

Jeet Kune Do

From your first lesson you are taught basic combative principles which are simple, direct and non classical. Economy of motion, body mechanics, speed, timing and aggression combined with sensitivity are core to JKD. The JKD curriculum includes:

Jun Fan Boxing

Chi-Sau sensitivity training

Trapping hands


Evasion drills

Five ways of attack

Impact training (pads/kick shields/body armour)

Wooden dummy training

Reflex drills

Grappling skills


Filipino Escrima

We teach Cabales Serrada Escrima / Giron Arnis Escrima (Bahala Na), Cadena de Mano of Max Sarmiento.


Curriculum includes:

Single stick

Double stick (Macabebe/sinawali)


Stick and knife (lock and block)

Largo Mano

Cadena de mano

Sensitivity training

Destruction entries (guntings)


Take Downs

Rapid striking with hands

Low line kicking/knee strikes

Elbows/head butts/biting and gouging