The GMAA is based in Wrexham. We specialise in blade and empty hands self defence. The arts we teach are combat proven and highly respected. We have direct linage to GM Angel Cabales, GM Leo Giron & Sifu Dave Carnell.


We have 4 levels you progress through, students, graduates, Guro and Master.


The students curriculum is split into beginner, intermediate phase one, intermediate phase two, 

advanced phase one and advanced phase two. All testing is informal and at your own pace.


All student testing is free of charge.


Graduates are students that have passed evaluation on the club curriculum. This is done under

pressure and demonstrates a basic level of proficiency.


Our Guro curriculum contains Defondo, Silat, the Wooden Dummy (basics, Wing Chun form, JKD form).

They also are taught how to teach the students curriculum. All fully trained Guros will be proficient

with the above.




Highly dedicated Guros will be invited to complete Cabales Serrada Escrima Masters training.



Basic information:


Jeet Kune Do

From your first lesson you are taught basic combative principles which are simple, direct and non

classical. Economy of motion, body mechanics, speed, timing & aggression combined with sensitivity.

The JKD curriculum includes:

Jun Fan Boxing

Don Chi/Lop Sau/Chi Sau


Foot Work/Evasion 

Five ways of attack

Pad work

Wooden dummy 

Reflex drills




Filipino Escrima

We teach Cabales Serrada Escrima and Giron Arnis Escrima (Bahala Na)

Curriculum includes:

Angles of attack 1 to 12

Basic/advanced counters

Lock & Block



Cadena de Mano

Sensitivity training




Largo Mano